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Monster TipsEver had a question about E-Stim or Electrosex? What is it? How does it work? Is it right for you? Or have you been looking for the answer to the most obscure question about an Electrode? Unsure where to start? Or do you consider yourself to be an expert but still need an answer?

Here you will find questions and answers to all of the conundrums for E-Stim, Electroplay, Electrosex and Electrostimulation, asked by users and answered by a highly experienced E-Stim team made up of users and developers who don't just play, but also research, create and evolve the greatest pleasure known to anyone - E-Stim.

E-Stim For-Beginners

E-Stim For Beginners

All the common questions that all beginners seem to ask. Remember there is no such thing as a 'stupid' question, as everyone, even we had to start somewhere.

E-Stim Safety

E-Stim Safety

Everything you ever needed to known about the safety of playing with E-Stim. Find out the do's and don'ts for electroplay.

E-Stim For-Men

E-Stim For Men

The questions commonly asked by men in relation to e-stim play. Anal play? Sounding? Questions about the prostate. - It is all here.

E-Stim For-Women

E-Stim For Women

Yes it is true! Women can enjoy E-Stim just as much as any man, and in some respects women can enjoy it even more

E-Stim Electrodes

E-Stim Electrodes

All the questions you can think of regarding E-Stim Electrodes. How big. How Small. How do I use it, what does this do, what is this for

If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about e-stim electrodes in general, then we should have it listed here!