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Questions related to E-Stim For Women

Yes it is true! Women can enjoy E-Stim just as much as any man, and in some respects women can enjoy it even more

Do I need to use conductive gel?

Generally Yes. We find a small amount of gel on the surface of the skin helps to improve contact, but any form of water based gel or lube will work. Pinwheels on dry skin doesn't give a very good response.

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Can I use it on my husband?

Of course there is no reason why you cannot use it on your husband but we would suggest you ask him first!

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Will it leave marks?

Generally E-Stim with made for play dedicated units doesn't leave marks, unless you are using it for long periods of time, or at very high levels. But should you incur any adverse reactions, such as skin tenderness while using an Electro-Stimulation unit it is recommended that you discontinue its use. Electrical play with violetwands is known to cause marking.

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Can I use e-stim with piercings?

The normal advice is no, but it is possible with a little care. Because peircings normally offer a small contact area resulting in high current density this might possibly result in burns, however if the piercing is relatively old (6 months +) and you start with low levels and plenty of water based lube, some interesting effects can be had.

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Is e-stim just for men?

Most certainly not. Women, men and of course couples can all find enjoyment in using estim. Women and men will generally find different aspects appeal in different ways but that is the essence of electro play. Finding out what you enjoy is all part of the pleasure!

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Can I use e-stim with a chastity belt?

Yes. in various ways depending on how you wish to connect it up. There are so many variations it is impossible to describe them all

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What is the difference between e-stim and a vibrator?

E-Stim uses electrical stimulation waveforms to generate the sensation, vibrators use mechanical motion. Generally E-Stim is nearly silent, Vibrators are not.

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Can I use crock clips on the nipples?

It is not something that we would advice, as they are not designed for nipples, and by using two crock clips across the nipples (the obvious position) you rise passing current across the chest. It is much better to consider something like E-Stim Systems BiPolar nipple clips, which are designed for nipple play.

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Can women use a Urethral sound?

Sounding in women is possible, but you need a smaller sound as the urethral tract is much shorter in women than in men. Have a look at the E-Stim Systems Micro sound.

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Can i use e-stim with an IUD?

Yes. An IUD (Inter Uertine Devices) although they normally have a copper (i.e. metal) component, this does not normally offer a contact point for any e-stim electrode. Even if an e-stim electrode contacted the IED the worst case situation is feeling a sensation in a different place.

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