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Do I need to use conductive gel?

Generally Yes. We find a small amount of gel on the surface of the skin helps to improve contact, but any form of water based gel or lube will work. Pinwheels on dry skin doesn't give a very good response.

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What is a urethral sound?

A urethral sound is a medical device originally designed for inserting into the urethral track in the penis (the hole down the center). By connecting an e-stim unit to the sound, and another connection you can generate some quite intense sensations within the penis.

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Do I really have to use conductive gel?

No you do not "HAVE TO" use conductive gel, but in the majority of cases we do find it improves the contact between the electrode and subject. So the end of the day it is a case of personal choice.

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Can I use a condom on the electrodes?

No, as e-stim electrodes rely on contact with the body, a condom will provide an insulator, preventing the electrode from working. The best method to ensure protection from infection is to ensure that you have your own electrodes and you don't share with others. Ensure you clean the electrodes thoroughly both before and after use.

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What is the difference between BiPolar and Monopole electrodes?

E-Stim needs two points of contact to work (think batteries). We sometimes call this positive(+) and negative(-), but technically with E-Stim they are just two points of contact.

BiPolar electrodes have both points of contact in the same electrode, Monopole electrodes are just a single point of contact, so to get a monopole electrode to work, you need to use two at the same time (Sticky Pad and a single conductive rubber loop, ElectroWhisker and a Sticky pad.

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Can I use e-stim with a chastity belt?

Yes. in various ways depending on how you wish to connect it up. There are so many variations it is impossible to describe them all

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How do I clean conductive rubber?

Generally hot soapy water will do the trick. As conductive rubber is a polymer it does like solvents for cleaning, and it is not possible to steam sterilise.

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If I use normal gel with conductive rubber it gets too slippy what should I do?

Yes that is correct. If you need to use conductive gel with conductive rubber then we suggest considering using a product such as tacgel. this is a conductive water-based lubricant that is a lot more sticky than normal gel. You only need a small amount but it will stop conductive rubber from sliding around.

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What is the difference between water based and silicon gel?

Water-based gels and conductive gels are largely made of water and are normally quite conductive. Silicon-based gels have a higher chemical content and tend to contain compounds that can attack some rubbers and insulators although they are less likely to be absorbed and thus last longer than water-based gel.

The general advice is to always use water-based gels and lubricants when playing with E-Stim toys.

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Can you clean the electrodes in the dishwasher?

Certain E-Stim Electrodes ,such as E-Stim Systems Premium electrodes can be cleaned with care in a dishwasher, although we suggest you ensure that no cleaning solution is left in any crevice. Other electrodes you would need to check with the manufacturer. Always ensure any electrode is completely dry before storage.

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Can I use crock clips on the nipples?

It is not something that we would advice, as they are not designed for nipples, and by using two crock clips across the nipples (the obvious position) you rise passing current across the chest. It is much better to consider something like E-Stim Systems BiPolar nipple clips, which are designed for nipple play.

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What is so special about metal electrodes?

Metal electrodes are durable, highly conductive, easy to clean and can be warmed or cooled before play - but insure you dont freeze them, or make them too hot as frostbite or burns can result. Be careful when choosing a metal electrode, some may be made of materials that are not compatible with the body or could cause issues if damaged- the coating on plated electrodes can chip and flake off causing potential injury if this occurs in the body. Solid metal electrodes generally give a better response and more durable in use.

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what is a pinwheel?

Pinwheels have been around for quite a while, since they were originally designed by It was originally designed by Robert Wartenberg to test nerve reactions on the skin. A small spiky wheel that is applied to the skin and producers a prickly sensation. With a normal pinwheel the only way to increase the sensation is to press harder - something we would like to avoid and you could end up piercing the skin and leaving marks or even allowing infection. However with an electrified pinwheel all you need to do is adjust the power levels and something magical will happen.

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How do I clean sticky pads?

Because sticky pad electrodes are self adhesive they stick to lots of things and they will pick up dead skin, fluff and other materials. Because the adhesive is so good its not normally possible to clean them.

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What is conductive rubber?

conductive rubber is simply that rubber that is conductive. Because it is so flexible, it makes fantastic cock loops.

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Can I microwave an electrode?

No. Why would you want to?

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I am allergic to nickel can I use e-stim?

Generally yes, but check with the manufacturer to ensure their electrodes are nickel free. You need to ensure that you are using a power box with no DC output (all made for play power boxes have an AC output), to ensure there is no possibility of ion migration, as well as more obviously an electrode that does not contain nickel.

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Can I make my pinwheels wider?

You can try slightly bending the arms, but we would not recommend it as in our experience we find this will cause more damage.

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