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Questions related to E-Stim Series1

Frequently asked questions about the E-Stim Systems Series 1. Everything you could ever ask relating to the Series 1.

Can I use e-stim across my nipples?

Despite what you might see on electro sex groups we strongly advise against using any E-Stim equipment across the nipples. The heart is a rather important piece of your body that runs on electrical signals ...Passing a current across the chest from any E-Stim equipment MAY disrupt its operation. To play safe stick to stimming below the waist (and remember hand to hand may pass across the chest.. a definite NO.NO.)

If you know exactly what you are doing it is possible to undertake safe electro nipple play, with specialised equipment such as the E-Stim Systems 2B and BiPolar EClips.

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What is the difference between a E-Stim Series 1 and a TENS machine?

TENS machines are designed for pain relief, they are not designed for sexual stimulation or pleasure. They tend to be less powerful and have levels of control and modes more suited to medical therapy. - It is one of the reasons some have a treatment timer, that shuts everything off after 30 minutes of treatment - something you might not want just as things become interesting. TENS machines tend to have unusual connectors which make it hard to use different electrodes.

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